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Fort Bend County Improvement District No. 24 - Katy, Texas

A new water plant was designed for the District to store, disinfect, and distribute potable water. The plant will include two ground storage tanks, one hydro-pneumatic tank, four service pumps, an emergency power generator, and a motor control center building. A surface water distribution line will be constructed from the North Fort Bend Water Authority's facilities to the water plant site. Construction of the project began in August 2016 and was completed in December 2017.


Lamar State College - Port Arthur, Texas

VE provided civil engineering design services for the campus expansion which is composed of a new 26,200 square foot building and a connecting pedestrian corridor. The civil scope included roadway improvements, walkways, utility extensions to the site, and corresponding stormwater drainage improvements. Construction of the project is currently underway and is was completed in August 2017.

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Memorial Point Utility District - Livingston, Texas

Memorial Point Utility District - Livingston, Texas

This page provides information about our current projects. For additional information, feel free to contact us.

Lift Station Rehabilitation

New Wastewater Treatment Plant

 current projects

The District's main lift station configuration was a wet-well / dry-well reinforced concrete structure with two suction lift, self-priming pumps. The lift station was renovated and converted to a single well with three submersible pumps in order to better accommodate influent flow fluctuations in addition to providing a redundant "back-up" pump.

A new 0.20 MGD wastewater treatment plant was designed in order to replace the District's existing treatment plant. Upon completion of the construction of the new treatment plant, the old treatment plant will be refurbished and converted into an influent/retention/equilization basin.

civil engineering and consulting

BMW Repair and Maintenance Services  - Spring, Texas

VE provided civil engineering design services for a new site that North Houston Beemer is developing near The Woodlands, Texas. The site will include several LID (low-impact development) features to reduce the size of the stormwater detention pond as well as to remove pollutants from the stormwater runoff. Construction of the project is currently underway.